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IDP Identifications Solutions

Identification Solutions

Professional identification credentials are vital to healthcare facilities, and in most cases are required by law. IDP has the products necessary to create identification solutions in healthcare facilities of all sizes.

ID cards and badges

IDP offers a range of plastic card printers to produce credentials ideal for use as ID Cards for doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff. Standard ID Cards, Proximity Cards and Smart Cards can be professionally designed and printed at your location..

Photo ID software

IDP’s printers are fully compatible with the industry’s popular credential and access control software. In addition, IDP offers a free credential creation and management software called SMART iDesigner. IDP offers training and lifetime support on its printers and software that will help keep your badge production up and running.


IDP offers industry-leading Primus plastic printable cards. The Primus card product line offers a range of solutions from simple 100% PVC to composite, to proximity and even smartcards.

Card accessories

Badge reels and lanyards are essential to increase the life of your cards, but with custom printing can also accentuate you brand identity.

Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor Management Solutions

In the US, hospitals receive millions of visitors every day. Typically, hospitals are open to the public and easily accessed. IDP can help identify those visitors quickly and easily with a visitor pass. A visitor pass can be created in SMART iDesigner or with your existing visitor management software and printed in advance or on-demand, then distributed to visitors during their stay at your facility. In addition, IDP has temporary badging, expiring badges and even re-writeable solutions that may be a great fit for your organization.

Access Control Solutions

Controlling access in your facility is critical. Unauthorized employees, staff and visitors might need to have restricted access to vital offices, floors, and buildings. IDP’s printers are compatible with the industry’s leading Access Control and Badging software providers such as Asure ID®, CardExchange®, CardPresso, C-Cure 9000, EPI Suite, ID Flow, KeyScan, Paxton Net2, Lenel OnGuard®, Identicard Premisys, S2, TruCredential™, WinDSX, and ZKAccess.

In addition, IDP offers a range of Access Control cards that can be customized to work with your access control system. IDP’s Primus cards use state-of-the-art technology and provide crisp image reproduction and are guaranteed for life.

Access Control Solutions

About IDP

IDP, a leading global manufacturer of Plastic Card Printers, is a trusted source to governments, corporations, and universities in over 58 countries. Since 2005, IDP has engaged in the development, design, and manufacturing of high-performance plastic card printers with the latest mechanical, electronic, and software technology available. IDP’s success has been grounded by our expertise in the industry.

IDP provides a complete range of desktop plastic card printing solutions for desktop color printing, security laminating, long-life laser engraving, and for all the industry’s common magnetic, contact and contactless smartcard encoding.

IDP’s printers are used everywhere plastic cards are needed - employee badges, student IDs, payment cards, access control badges, customer membership cards, loyalty cards, and more.

IDP is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing high quality card printers and providing unbeatable support.

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