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SMART-31 Series Reviews

Professional printing at an Entry-Level Price.


I purchased this product for name badges at an event I co-produce and as name tags for staff at a social club I volunteer at. I'm so excited about the easy of use of this product and the print quality. The images aren't pixelated at all. It's fantastic.


I bought my IDP Printer from a third party supplier, not directly from IDP Americas, Inc. My supplier had told me my service contract was expired and couldn't help me, so I reached out to IDP America directly for technical support. I used the easily-accessible, user-friendly online chat feature to connect with their support. They provided the most exceptional customer service. They immediately understood my problem, had multiple well-informed ideas for solutions, showed a lot of patience when working with my organization's IT security setup, and was overall very friendly and understanding. They went above and beyond expectations. This allowed us to continue badging employees without interruptions, which is paramount for the safety and security of our facility.


We purchased the IDP Smart-31 for small runs of ID badges for employees in our office, but we're now using it to print badges for our entire organization. We ran over 2,000 badges this past year with no problems.


Easy to use. Quality card printing and easy to change cartridges. I haven't had a bad experience with this printer in any way.

Apex Security

Apex Security has always issued paper IDs' for our employees until we heard about your company. The ease of the software to create new vibrant ID cards has blown us aware. The printer is easy to use and portable. Great product and would recommend it to all.

Apex Security

Prior to using the Smart Printer31, we issued paper IDs'. Once we decided t use the Smart 31, we never looked back. great product and the ease of the program blew us away. I would recommend this to everyone.


The installation of the smart 31 is not plug and play. Must follow instructions to the letter or issues will occur. The printer came with a CD to install the drivers for the printer and the design application. A CD reader are becoming obsolete quickly and had to contact online support for software. The online tech was helpful with sending us links to download the software and complete setup of the printer. The design application was easy to use if your familiar with Microsoft word to create simple designs. It has been 2 weeks since install and have printed over 150 badges so far with no problems.


I bought this printer to replace an older Fargo printer. I was extremely please with the print quality of the SOLID printer. I also like the way it handles the cards where they enter and exit the printer on the same side. The printer design is such that it takes up minimal width on my desk.


I absolutely love the machine! The machine was easy to install and the hiccups I did have were easily fixed with the support staff.

Great Quality

The Smart 31 printer produces a high quality printed credential for both employee badges and as we used more specifically to print ID / Access Control credentials. We are very happy with the double sided printing, time to print and cost to produce a badge.

J Jones

This printer is great. Easy to use. Software works better with Windows than Mac, but it does work!

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