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IDP, one of the pioneers of ID card printing technology, has been developing and manufacturing Identification card printers since 2005. IDP differentiates itself by providing high quality products manufactured with ISO 9001 certified processes, using state-of-the-art mechanical, electronic and software technologies, and by providing superior technical support and excellent warranties.

product line

product Line

IDP Corp offers a complete line of highly engineered dye-sublimation ID Card printers that provides you with maximum efficiency for production of plastic cards in commercial and govern-ment applications.

Introducing our brand new
SMART-BIT Dye-Sub Ribbon Shredder!

Protecting personal information is paramount and the SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to ensure the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon with personal information. Any industry standard photo id card printer ribbon can be loaded and shredder simply and quickly.


Best Warranty in the Industry! Lowest Cost per Print in the Business!.

Introducing our brand new
SMART-51 printer!

The SMART-51 Laminating printer is a good option for printing and laminating in one step to produce high-security long-life ID cards with customizable security patch films.

With IDP's patented Direct Lamination technology, the SMART-51L is the industry's fastest "ready to print" laminator. In only 8 seconds, IDP's laminator is ready to print and laminate your highly secured cards.

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